Good bye, Steve. (Photos taken at Apple HQ)

It’s strange. I don’t usually get saddened that much when a famous person dies.

However, I’ve been very sad for more than a day since I saw the news.  I am not even a big user of the Apple products.  Just one iPhone, that’s it.  It is a strange feeling.  Somehow, it felt like I lost someone I knew.

And that made me stop by at the Apple headquarter in Cupertino on my way home today.  One Infinite Loop is less than 10 minutes from where I live, but I haven’t been to this place until today.

I’ve been thinking about the source my sadness.  The way that he led his life, the way he followed his heart, the way he believed in himself has been a huge inspiration for me.  And we lost that that guy yesterday.  Good bye, Steve.

One thought on “Good bye, Steve. (Photos taken at Apple HQ)

  1. We almost personnels lost the his/her role model or vision setter. I feel Steve came from the Star and back to his star, He left the focus of my life behind myself :) Namu Steve Buddha !!!

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